Our Mission

Committed to excellence in new music, inter-arts creations, barrier-free, artist-led community projects and events, and unique cost-free public performances.

Devoted to Canadian music, focused on BC and Vancouver composers and performers, and known for welcoming new audiences through innovative and humorous events, The Little Chamber Music Series That Could occupies a unique place in Vancouver’s vibrant and diverse new music scene.

We are currently Series in Residence at Vancouver’s Mountain View Cemetery.

Begun in 1990, The Little Chamber Music Series That Could Society became highly regarded as an innovative presenter of new music in Vancouver. As resident series at the Cultch it gained acclaim for commissioning and producing original work (The White Album Concert, Cam Wilson’s Playground Rhymes for Grownups). In 2005, the society fell dormant after the death of one of the Artistic Directors. The legacy of the series was strongly felt in the community as the original core of the organization continued to perform and champion new music: Les Dala (Vancouver Opera), Allen Stiles (Standing Wave), Cam Wilson (Joe Trio) and many more. The series also had engaged a wide spectrum of professional musicians in Vancouver and BC.

At the suggestion of President Allen Stiles, Mark Haney, with the help of Diane Park, reactivated The Little Chamber Music Series That Could in 2012 to invite new audiences into contemporary performances through the ‘hook’ of a great story told with warmth, and by producing inspiring events that challenge audiences and artists to re-evaluate their relationship to the arts. We are a non-profit whose mandate has always been to create series of public events of artistic excellence in order to engage audiences with contemporary performing arts, hiring at professional fees local artists and performers of high professional calibre to do so. The revitalized mandate adds 3 main innovations: The intent to bring sound and contemporary music to new and re-contextualized settings; to draw people into new sonic worlds by integrating with other art forms; and to remove barriers (especially financial) to new music.

Under the leadership of Artistic Director Mark Haney and General Manager Diane Park, The Little Chamber Music Series That Could has retained its artistic standards of excellence in performance and in contribution to new music in BC, and is now taking on the major challenges and risks of increasing the breadth and depth of community engagement.

Members of The Little Chamber Music Series That Could Society’s Board of Directors are supportive, informed and actively involved in helping run the series. They include professional business people with extensive experience in financial management and other useful areas of support. They represent a wide diversity of occupations, from medical doctor to conductor to communications manager of a major NGO, and are united by a love of communicating through music.

Through The Little Chamber Music Series That Could’s history and our reputation for multi-form works that blur the lines between disciplines and genres, we are afforded the enviable position where all anyone expects from us is the unexpected!