“11” at Mountain View Cemetery November 11, 11am

The Little Chamber Music Series That Could is proud to again present this unique music and history project, “11”. Part of our Field House Residency with the Vancouver Park Board, “11” was developed for over two years. The project included monthly public meetings, a trip to the Library and Archives and War Museum in Ottawa, research at the Vancouver Archives, visits with a 99-year-old D-Day veteran, an installation at the Roundhouse and a performance and event on Remembrance Day, 2014 in Falaise Park which brought over 1000 people together.

“11” was designed and developed for two main reasons:

1. To honour and celebrate 11 veterans from Vancouver, including several from the Renfrew Heights Veterans Housing Project.

2. To tell the story and history of The Renfrew Heights Veterans Housing Project to other communities in Vancouver.

By having each of the 11 instruments in the musical work represent a specific veteran, we are paying musical tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of an entire generation.

Last year’s performance and event really touched a lot of people, the feedback we got was tremendous, so with the generous support of Mountain View we are presenting “11” again this Remembrance Day at 11am. Two of the veterans in the piece (Harley Godwin and George Clifford) have monuments in Mountain View and our living veteran, 100 year old Edmond Champoux, has a niche reserved next to his wife.

We will be indoors in the Celebration Hall and the piece is arranged for 11 string players and solo trumpet. We have amazing musicians from the Vancouver Opera, Turning Point and more performing, and our collection of archival photographs of World War 2 and the Renfrew Heights Housing Project will be on display.

Enter the Cemetery on 39th off Fraser St, drive straight into the cemetery towards the buildings ahead. The Celebration Hall is the northern-most building. Performance at 11am, the Hall will open at 10:30. Performance is 15 minutes in duration, with coffee and tea to follow.

11 grave